Areas of Concern

Timeless You™ Has a Solution for Your Concerns

Your Timeless You™ physicians can offer several different procedural solutions to address your areas of concern.  You don’t have to accept the unwanted facial changes that come with age.  Take action and schedule your complimentary consultation with one of our Timeless You™ doctors.  Regain a more refreshed, younger-you look.


Common Problems Timeless You™ Doctors Can Help Remedy

Aging, Droopy, Tired-Looking Eyes

The same factors that can affect the face as we get older –– sun, smoking, stress, diet, and the aging process –– also can affect the eyes.  The skin and underlying tissue of the eyelids, both upper and lower, eventually lose their elastic integrity and begin to droop.  The eyelids then look tired and can feel heavy and difficult to open (you may even have to lift your eyebrows to see better).  The excess skin of the upper lid can become severe enough to cause a “hooding” effect and potentially decrease our lateral vision.

Solution: Timeless Eyes™


Puffy Eyes, Bags Under the Eyes

When the lower eyelid skin and underlying supporting tissues weaken from the aging process, the lower eyelids start to look old, tired and puffy.  The fatty tissue that normally exists under the eyeball starts to pooch forward creating puffiness and bags under the eyes.

Solution: Timeless Eyes™


Jowls, Loose Facial Skin, Drooping Cheeks

Aging inherently impacts the integrity, health and robustness of the skin and supporting soft and boney tissue of the face.  As a result, the face begins to droop, resulting in jowls (the “parentheses” around the mouth area) and valleys and depressions in the cheeks and mouth area.  All combined, the face can look aged and tired, affecting both our looks and self-confidence.

Solution:  Timeless Lift™


Weak or Receding Chin, Chin Imbalance

No face is entirely symmetrical.  However, a weak or receding chin can affect the “strength” of our facial appearance, both in profile and frontal views.  A small chin also can blunt the “sharpness” of the chin/neck profile.  A chin implant is a simple procedure that can remedy these situations.

Solution:  Timeless Lift™


Turkey Neck

Tired of the “waddle” under your chin, or grandchildren playing with the “gobbler”?  Can’t button your shirt collar?  Are you uncomfortable wearing turtlenecks?  Do you hate having your photo taken? These are all valid reasons to have the problem of loose, wrinkled skin and sagging muscles in the neck area (“turkey neck”) resolved and your face and neck rejuvenated.

Solution:  Timeless Lift™ 


Frown Lines, Squint Lines, Deep Wrinkles

Remember back to those early years (under age 35) when your face was nice and smooth?  Through the years of facial contractions, much like an accordion being played, deep lines and wrinkles progressively develop in the forehead, between the eyebrows, and around the eyes and mouth areas.  The result is that we can look tired, sad or even angry.

Solution:  Timeless Glow™    Timeless Fill™


Fine Lines and Wrinkles, Brown Spots, Sun Spots

Genetics, aging, stress, sun exposure, smoking, and excessive alcohol consumption are natural enemies of the youthfulness and vitality of facial skin.  In time, the skin succumbs to these factors losing its integrity, softness, glow and elasticity.  The skin develops fine and coarse wrinkles, rough and scaly spots (flat, raised, red-to-brown in color) and looseness.  We have solutions.

Solution:  Timeless Glow™   Timeless Fill™



Acne Scarring

Acne Vulgaris is one of the world’s most common skin disorders, affecting up 85-100% of adolescents (under age 24), and up to 50% of the population beyond adolescence.  Acne can produce facial scars of varying severity, depth and appearance.

Solution:  Timeless Glow™    Timeless Fill™